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ACE 3000

Medically tested at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University, London
Conforms to European safety standard CE0473
Endorsed by European Medical Device Directive
Approved by Canadian Medical Equipment Association




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Subject feedback shows an impressive degree of success*

Regenerates damaged cell tissue
Has no side effect
Improves joint mobility
Is drug free
Reduces swelling
Reduces Stiffness
Improves quality of sleep
Based on a study of 3000 people who have undertaken the programme

ACE3000 technology activate the body's own NATURAL healing process.

It regenerates damaged cell tissue.

It helps manage pain most effectively thereby reducing pain thru healing.



Q. What is the ACE3000 Programme™?
A. The ACE3000 Programme™ is a simple yet effective drug free treatment for pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, and a host of other pain related conditions such as sporting injuries and gout. The ACE3000 Programme ™ has already been undertaken by thousands of patients, and is also used by medical practitioners, hospitals, and physiotherapists.
Q. What is the ACE3000™?
A. ACE3000 ™ stands for Microcurrent Arthritis Control Electrostimulator. It is a licensed medical device which uses a patented, three-phased microcurrent process. This process has been proven to increase mobility, reduce pain and swelling for a variety of arthritic and other pain related conditions.
Q. How do I follow the ACE3000 Programme ™?
A. The ACE3000 Programme™ comes with a full set of instruction and a VCD. The device itself is easy to use: Treat yourself once a day by attaching self-adhesive electrode pads directly to the affected area, and choose one of three automated modes on the device. The machine will bleep when the cycle ends.
Q. Is the ACE3000™ just another Tens device? Why is it different?
A. The ACE3000™ is not a Tens device. A Tens device blocks the pain signal from the muscle to the brain, whereas the ACE3000™ gives pain relief through reducing swelling and accelerating healing. The patented three-moded therapy emulates the body’s own natural healing process.
Q. For how long do I have to follow the ACE3000 Programme™?
A. Patients may take two to eight weeks to feel recognizable benefits from the three-phased therapy. It is important to stress the need to use the device daily to feel the benefits.
Q. How do I use the ACE3000™?
A. The patient places the self-adhesive electrode pads directly on to the affected area, and chooses one of three available modes on the ACE3000™. The device will bleep when the cycle ends.
Q. Is there any side effect?
A. None whatsoever.
Q. Is there anyone who should not follow the ACE3000 Programme™?
A. Yes. Pregnant women and anyone fitted with a demand-type heart pacemaker should refrain from using the ACE3000™. If you are in doubt, please check with your doctor.
Q. Can I use the Programme more than once a day?
A. Yes. In fact, for starters, it is helpful to use ACE3000™ twice a day. It is harmless. You cannot overdose by using it too frequently.
Q. How long will each session last?
A. After about 35 minutes of treatment, the device switches itself off automatically. However, the ACE3000 Programme™ goes on working in your body for 24 hours. Therefore, you might feel the maximum benefit the following day.
Q. Will I feel anything while using the MicroAce™?
A. You might feel a slight prickling sensation during part of the programme, depending on your sensitivity.
Q. Is it safe to place the electrode pads anywhere on the body?
A. As harmless as the ACE3000™ device may be, you should never place the pads over your heart or above your neck.
Q. Can I do any exercise while using the device?
A. You should refrain from any exercise while using the ACE3000™ device. It is best to rest while undergoing treatment.
Q. Should I discuss it with my doctor prior to starting the ACE3000 Programme™?
A. We recommend that you always discuss the health implications with your doctor before undertaking the ACE3000 Programme™.
Q. How long does my ACE3000™ device take to arrive after I place an order?
A. We estimate up to 28 days for international delivery, although it normally takes seven to ten days. Domestic delivery takes only two to three days.
Q. Is the ACE3000™ regulated and medically approved?
A. Yes. The ACE3000™ is CE marked and regulated by the Medical Device Agency.
Q. What comes with the ACE3000 Programme™?
A. The ACE3000 Programme™ comes with a user guide, a VCD, a MicroAce™, a pack of electrode pads and batteries.
Q. For how long will the electrode pads last?
A. .If they are used as instructed in the manual, the electrode pads should last for 30 treatments, which is approximately 30 days.
Q. Where can I buy the electrode pads?
A. Electrode pads are available at MSL Medical UK or Time Avenue Sdn Bhd by mail order and telephone, as well as on this website. The price is approximately USD27 or 14 Pounds or RM95.
Q. Where can I buy the ACE3000 Programme™?
A. The ACE3000 Programme™ can be ordered by telephone, mail, or through this website.



Mr. Ng Yin Peen ( Manager )

“I am a very skeptical person myself. After spending so much for my mother’s health without much effect, I would definitely recommend ACE to anyone who is in pain. Now I am sharing it as well as using it for myself.”

( Received: 18 Sep 2007 )


Mr. HAJI Mohd YUSOF bin Sudin

“ I used in on my knee problem
and what a relief ”

( Received: 23 Jan 2008 )


Mr Subra (Sport Trainer)

“ I have used it on my player and are impressed upon the results. Before I have use many difference
device but you have to look into the new technology to improve performance. ”

( Received: 12 July 2008 )

What the Experts Say…

ACE3000 is an important element of today’s scientific breakthrough in

bioelectrical medicine in the effective relief of pain without the use of drugs.


John Matthews, Grad Dip Phys MCS SRP Head Physiotherapist Wimbledon & Queen’s Tennis Tournaments:

“The most obvious change to the patients I treated was in those with acute osteoarthritis where 75% experienced instant and definite relief.”

Dr Emery L Wayman DC, Chiropractor:

Being a chiropractor, I see a lot of patients who have joint pain and arthritis in different parts of their body apart from their spine. I have been using the ACE3000 Programme™ on several of my patients.”


Steve Lodge BS
Sports Physiotherapist, FA Dip
IIST Sports:

“In a professional football environment, the results on acute and sub acute injuries have been amazing.”

Alan Brown, Osteopath and Acupuncturist:

“I’ve only been aware of ACE3000 Programme™ for a short time, but recent feedback from patients indicates it can be a positive adjunct to treatment.”


David Mayer, MA Bac MBAcC MMAA Hon Member AACP:

Ace3000 is: “helpful with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and back pain. It also helps to induce a state of relaxation, and it has no side effects.”

“I’d tried everything. Then a Wimbledon physiotherapist recommended ACE for my arthritic knee. I am now pain free and able to enjoy sports once again.”

Rodney Marsh
former England Footballer

“I’ve tried them all over the years--the interferential, the ultrasound, the deep heat treatments. All that’s old hat. ACE is the only one that works for me.”

Geoff Capes
Former Shot Put Champion and the World’s Strongest Man

From Marzuki Anuar
view letter

From Lee Lay Heng
view letter

From The Duchess of York
view letter

“After a couple of days of using the ACE machine, freedom from pain was brilliant. After twelve years of discomfort and restricted movement, I now have a new lease of life. Thank you.”

A. M. Finch, E. Sussex

“I am so utterly astonished by the improvement since using ACE. The swelling and pain seem almost non-existent and I sleep all night, every night. The change in my life has been dramatic.”

Mrs K. Mckay. Kent

“I am delighted with my ACE machine. After three months I now use it three times a week and no longer take anti-inflammatory tablets which were causing so many gastric problems. I get much relief from the machine and more mobility. My father purchased a machine after me. He had years of agonizing pain in his knee and is now getting great relief.”

Ms D. Knight, Bedford


“I was due to fly off to St. Lucia for filming, but a bad ankle sprain meant I couldn’t even walk. I used my ACE machine and my recovery was amazing. I was able to fly off the following day. Now my mother uses the machine for her arthritis as well.”

Cleo Rocos, TV Presenter

Major Ronald Ferguson, a dedicated ACE user says:

“I’ve had a bad arthritic right knee as a result of 42 years of playing polo and other sports. I’ve had physiotherapy and electrical treatment in the past, neither of which had much effect. However, after using ACE, I am now pain free, sleep all night every night, and can play cricket this season which was previously impossible.”

“I was at my wit’s end, having been in constant pain for thirteen years. I can only say, thank goodness I ordered ACE. I am now almost pain free.”

Mrs C. Storer. Derbyshire

“More than pleased with the results. [delete ‘and’] It has saved me a considerable amount of money spent on physios and chiropractors.”

Mr McGeary, Portadown

“When I started the treatment, I was taking 6-8 pain killers per day – I am now down to a maximum of two, and with perseverance, I feel confident that I could do away with them completely. I am 82 and will recommend the ACE treatment to friends and anyone I meet who is suffering as I was. The results are unbelievable. Many thanks for what I would call a miracle.”

Mrs A. O’Reilly. Hammersmith

“After a long spell of unsuccessful hospital treatment, and on discharging me as being beyond help, a consultant declared that I had ‘come to the end of the road’! The ACE, however,has proven to be a signpost to a new road, one paved with improvement. For after eight weeks of treatment, I am stepping out with increasing mobility.”

Mrs K. Parsons, Brighton



There are many uninvestigated therapies available in the market today.
If the wrong therapy is used, it might further aggravate the pain or injury. So beware!!!!!

Why Do You Need ACE3000™?

Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining optimal health. Proper sleep affects the way we perform throughout the day. The better we sleep, the better our performance. With the PAIN gone, we are able to sleep more soundly. ACE3000 gives you a better and more wholesome sleep, getting you up refreshed for the day.

Get A Good Night’s Rest Without Pain With ACE3000™!

ACE3000™ is a small portable device the size of a VHS video tape. It is a unique home use treatment device that provides long term pain relief and accelerated healing for a variety of pain related conditions.

It comes with an instruction manual, a VCD, and four pieces of electrodes.

ACE3000™ uses three different modes of electrical frequency to penetrate the affected area and make it easier for nutrients and oxygen to reach and revive injured or damaged cells. It helps to clear away the toxins that are causing the pain and inflammation, and to jump start the body’s own healing process.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen instantly.

ACE 3000™ is a miracle device. NO side effect.

Simple to operate and easy to use. It invigorates your life 100%,

and allows you to gain the exciting benefits of living PAIN FREE again!

term & Condition FREE TREATMENT * / per session only

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